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Erik Paulson - The Art of Catch

Erik Paulson - The Art of Catch

Erik Paulson is the quintessential fighter, a black belt in Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Shooto Champion, Catch Wrestling, and all around Mixed Martial Artist. His bruising style of jiu-jitsu incorporates Catch-as-catch-can elements you wont find from any other instructor in the world.

Erik Paulson - The Art of Catch
  • Pillow V1 - Erik Paulson

    This is a versatile and clever shoulder lock/neck crank submission or a painful position of control, depending on the circumstances.

  • The Stock - Erik Paulson

    This is a position that positions your opponent in a very compromising position of their arms outstretched while pinned on their back, in essence leaving your opponent extended and open to a multitude of attacks. A variation of this position was the key position that Brock Lesnar used in his brut...

  • Head Choke From Kaza Katami - Erik Paulson

    In the following sequences, Erik demonstrates how easily multiple submissions may be secured within a moment's notice from the same position. Full disclosure: They ALL look painful!

  • Double Top Wristlock - Erik Paulson

    The double top wrist lock is not what you might think it is. It in itself is not a submission (as we would call it in the jiu-jitsu community), but rather a difference in terminology used amongst the catch wrestling community to describe a grip in which you have a grip on your opponent’s wrist an...

  • Power Chicken Wing - Erik Paulson

    Erik explains that there is a misconception that you can’t effective attack using a Chicken Wing or armbar. In this technique, Erik shows us multiple ways to create opportunities do finish your opponent grabbing said submissions.